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Cartier’s staff will send the photo to a Cartier love bracelet replica fine photo frame sent to them

These cities have great potential for consumption and customers grow very fast. Cartier every time before the exhibition will be used for a long time to investigate and prepare, find the most suitable way for the Chinese market, choose the most suitable city.

In each exhibition, the detailed information on the activities will naturally not less. However, Cartier has a more special approach. 07 years of the Tank tour exhibition, Cartier and Hong Kong, a very famous watch connoisseur, specifically for the tour published a book, introduced the entire Cartier Tank series watch. He is from a consumer point of view to introduce the product and his feelings on the product, which allows visitors to better understand the Cartier products.

Of course, in the exhibition, interactive programs and stars show the natural is not less, especially in the second-tier cities, the stars will bring a good effect.

In addition, at the show, visitors can also bring a favorite Cartier Tank watch to take pictures. After the show, Cartier’s staff will send the photo to a Cartier love bracelet replica fine photo frame sent to them, these “value-added” service will undoubtedly affect the visitors, increase their attention to Cartier.


Accelerate the opening of boutiques in various places and has become another important channel for Cartier to increase the rate of meeting with consumers and cultivate customers.

Create a story

In addition to their own 160 years of history and the relationship with the royal family, celebrities woven a beautiful, moving story, and through various forms of their spread to the target audience, Cartier also continue to “create” some fresh stories.

In 1973, Cartier at the International Auction in Geneva to buy in 1923 created the first “magic magic clock”, as Cartier antique collection of the first collection.

In the ensuing 20 years, Cartier antique collection from a number of international top auctions and private collectors to collect more than 1,200 pieces of collection, through the collection of treasures collection of international exhibitions and other Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica activities, Cartier told the public about one of its beauty Story, let people understand Cartier’s historical tradition and innovative design at the same time, feel its brand value.

Since 1989, Cartier’s collection has been exhibited at many world-class museums, including the French Palais des Nations, the Amy Taji Museum in Russia, the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum and the Shanghai Museum in China.

In 1984, Cartier created the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. The foundation is looking for original works in the world, providing a space for artists to create and show, so it has become a collection of forms of artistic expression. Although the foundation itself is a purely promotion of modern art, there is no commercial color of the organization, but for the Cartier brand, but it makes it more than a story, and this story also makes Cartier brand more noble and pure.

Each brand should not tell stories in order to tell stories, but to tell stories, so that customers understand the brand has what brand advocates, customers in the consumption of this brand products will meet what kind of emotional appeal. Cartier is well versed in the truth, only to make their own brand deeply branded in the customer’s heart, a luxury brand market, especially in the field of jewelry and watch the leader.

Cartier SWOT analysis

1, the advantages of analysis

(1) Cartier products have unique creativity, excellent quality and deep connotation, its thoughtful service also has strict international standards.

(2) as much respected brand, Cartier love ring replica is also playing on the stage of their own unique charm, and the star for a century of luxury love. Whether in the theater on the screen, or in the classic red box and silk against the background, the Cartier are highlighting the dazzling brilliance.

(3) Cartier as a luxury brand market, especially in the field of jewelry and watches in the field leader, in five continents has more than 200 boutiques and a unique distribution network.

2, weak analysis

(1) the price is relatively high, relatively narrow consumer groups, so that many consumers face the Cartier brand discouraged.

3, opportunity analysis

(1) card to pressure in the Asian market performance is very good. In Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China have made very good results. Japan this year, although the overall economy is slow, but Cartier is still the first choice for many consumers. China’s market is very large, each region’s consumer demand and purchase habits will be different. Overall, China’s consumer groups show a trend of younger, the overall age of 5-10 years younger than Europe, they are more willing to invest for their own. By www.ourlovestores.com