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Is considered the European royal family aristocratic brand of Cartier love bracelet replica can appreciate, or depreciation?

Is considered the European royal family aristocratic brand of Cartier love bracelet replica can appreciate, or depreciation? Facts have proved that the auction house is a paradise of Cartier fans, but it is Cartier’s hell.
The fifth anniversary of marriage, Liu Xin and his wife bought a piece of Cartier blue balloon series of automatic mechanical watch, cost nearly 200,000. Every time I lift his arm, he has a very precious feeling, because the heavy are “classic, handed down, the ultimate style”, which makes him from time to time like to lift the wrist, seems to have become his habit of action, especially people when. This is a luxury of a major function, self-confidence and show off. But the good feeling is always faster, go too fast – Liu Xin encountered a regular run the auction friends.
In the Hong Kong Sotheby’s [microblogging] 2012 autumn auction catalog, he saw his wife has been like but can not bear to buy Cartier TANK series “TANK FRANCAISE” women’s platinum diamond chain with watch, the valuation is only 45,000-60000 Hong Kong dollars. Liu Xin did not have time to convert Hong Kong dollars to repent on the renminbi, because the price is only equivalent to the store price of 1 / 4-1 / 5 – Cartier “TANK FRANCAISE” female platinum diamond watch series of official stores price About 250,000 yuan. Need to emphasize that this is not an old table, on the contrary, this is a new style, the surface of the plastic cover is not torn off. Fairly understand the auction of Liu Xin will be skeptical to inquire about the final transaction price, he thought that such a low and new watches, always caused by the usual publicity so constantly raise prices it! The fact that Liu Xin surprise, his friend pointed to the last note on the record, the auction price plus a total of 68750 Hong Kong dollars (about 55,000 yuan, the Hong Kong dollar against about 1 to 0.8).
Liu Xin once again raised his wrist, looked at his own cost of more than 10 million to buy the card that sub-blue balloon. This time and then there is no previous kind of honor and self-confidence, “how do I feel there is a deceived feeling?” Liu Xin did not dare to tell his wife, because his wife likes that section of the TANK series in the store price than blue ball out of a More than more than 18K rose gold diamond is 240,000 yuan, not drilling is also around 150,000 yuan. He was because the bag shy or save the budget before they chose the blue balloon series. Can be sold in Sotheby’s on the chart only TANK “set with four gems, 18K white gold case, studded case … …” only worth about 60,000 yuan. This makes Liu Xin feel very sorry, “If so, who will go to Cartier’s store to buy a table?”
In fact, this is also with Liu Xin came to the auction house friend Li Yaqi’s voice. Three years ago, Li Yaqi bought a Cartier TANK basic section of the quartz series, about spent 20,000 yuan, although the auction did not have such low-end entry watches, but Li Yaqi see other stores in the price of about 10 million Cartier set Drilling series in the auction house only estimated 30,000 yuan from the start, they know how to spend their worth. “I swear, no longer go to the store to buy a table.” Li Yaqi said. This is also Li Yaqi determined to take Liu Xin to the auction of the reasons, “can not be deceived.
Auction results not only affect the Liu Xin a person. New watch enthusiasts wish the rain this two years to flutter in Hong Kong to buy Cartier this thing, because we all know that Hong Kong prices lower than the mainland. But after attending an auction, she changed her plan.
Before she went to Hong Kong, she was immersed in the soft ground of the Cartier store, and her beloved Cartier watch was placed in a tray with red velvet, with clenched gloves and carefully from the locked counter To take out, such as dealing with fragile goods as carefully try to wear on her wrist.
At this time the clerk usually began its usual sales recommendation, “Cartier is the European royal family brand, with more than 160 years of history, is the Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor, Monica Bellucci and Chinese film Fan Bingbing choice … … ”
While the guests feel a little heart, the clerk will be timely to recover the watch. In order to create a “want to stop off” the purchase of psychological, beautiful scenes are usually only a few minutes to keep the rain must be arrogant eyes in the clerk to carry out the following series of actions: the watch off, but also go back, thank you, goodbye. Of course, the attitude of the Cartier love bracelet replica clerk is also very polite, nodding, bending, bowing, greeting … … wish rain know that this is both respect for the customer, but also a sales strategy, so that guests embarrassed to refuse. However, if the guests violate some of the basic provisions of luxury shopping malls, such as clothing is not allowed to enter the whole, wearing a large pants, round neck T-shirt, or carrying a shoulder bag, one can see through, non-luxury potential consumer customers, Ignore this is also normal.
Wish the rain like Cartier, and the brand in the Chinese mainland to promote a strong not unrelated. 160 years of history, the so-called European royal genes, top artisans, talented designers, unparalleled jewelry, handed down for … … these ads and those comparable to 007 series of film image advertising large to the rain, such as young consumers continue to pass With the contact between the Cartier and the upper class, the media and public opinion in the brand’s public relations forces, has also been to consumers to convey the traditional luxury goods can hedge, appreciation of the investment impression.

Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica into a star hot pet

Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica into a star hot pet
Because at the concert, “the most people at the same time wearing antlers headdress,” a careful and created a Guinness Book of World Records (already the third time ah) deer Han baby these days has been scrapped, lovely deer Times, but still ignorant da da, but people are good song he is so every move are very much attention. If the bracelet sector also has the most favorite stars, the stars wear the most Guinness Book of Records, I am afraid Deer Han concert recently wearing Cartier Juste un Clou series bracelet is also a record of Oh, it seems deer and Guinness is too easy Talk about Cartier Juste un Clou series bracelet you may feel a bit strange, if you tell that it is the famous nail bracelet you will not be familiar with it?
Cartier nail bracelet replica has always been a favorite star, in addition to the deer have to wear, in the hit drama “Valkyrie Zhao Zilong” starred in the Korean girl members Lin Yun Er is also Cartier nail bracelet iron powder! Lin Yuner as Cartier’s spokesperson, Shooting fashion large when wearing a variety of Juste un Clou series of single product is expressed on the nail bracelet favorite. It is worth mentioning that the deer and Lin Yun Er are wearing multi-layer nail bracelet, compared to single-layer nail bracelet, multi-storey more modern and unique! In addition to Lu Han and Yun, Guo Caijie, high round, Yoon Eun Hui, Wu Yifan, Peng Yuyan, Cecilia Cheung, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, and so on. Wear. This from the New York devil designer Aldo Cipullo design in the 1970s, still has a strong modern atmosphere, it is simple and rhythmic nail spiral, has become a fashion avant-garde personality totem. In addition to the wonderful interpretation of the star, nail bracelet or street beat the wrist of the wrist, regardless of wearing a watch or with a watch or stacked with a multi-layer bracelet, are the absolute trend and modern!
Selling single-layer nail bracelet in Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU series bracelet accounted for a lot of the proportion of a total of 9, there is no diamond, local diamond style, bracelet material is divided into 18K rose gold, 18K gold and white 18K gold, the price of RMB 49,700 yuan, the price is more close to the people, and simple style easier to match and wear, many stars have chosen this!

How to identify the Cartier love bracelet and ring true or replica?

The most straightforward way is to look at the source. Genuine have a formal invoice, and the price and the price will not differ too much. If you see the Cartier bracelet discount is too low, and the counter difference of hundreds or even thousands of words, is absolutely fake.
Genuine packaging very particular about the box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced instructions or warranty card; fake packaging are more rough, the font is relatively vague, and some even do not have these packaging and so on.
General fake bracelet is the most likely to be exposed LOGO, especially the surface of the LOGO. You can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully look Cartier bracelet workmanship. If the edge of LOGO rough, some are not rules, or the edge of a slight opening of the traces, and the font has a depth (with 8 times the eyepiece can see more clearly), then it must be fake.
Cartier bracelet true and false to distinguish from the details of the bracelet to start
Cartier bracelet genuine exquisite workmanship and exquisite, seams at the tight and flexible, corners at no angle angle, plating uniform light. The surface and the back of the text are clear. False is relatively rough, the junction is not flexible enough to turn. In addition, you can also distinguish between the following characteristics:
1, see the screw on both sides is not symmetrical;
2, the middle of the screw that is horizontal, imitation is generally high on both sides, the middle low, this is very obvious. Counter goods basically can not tell;
3, there is the word printed, the counter print the word is relatively deep, three-dimensional sense of strong;
4, look at the corner, the corners are very straight, there will be no round edge phenomenon.
Cartier bracelet true and false identification points
1. Cartier love bracelet replica each one has a unique number. This is also a recognition of Cartier’s identity. Numbers are visible in the bracelet circle. If you write the brand, write the model. Such as cartier, CRD094835 this.
2. is to see the bracelet workmanship. Cartier bracelet most of the rose gold, gold, platinum and other metal production. There are a few small boutique is diamond, gem class. Cartier bracelet is very fine. Almost rarely flawed. Bracelet body design and distinctive elegance style to become a symbol of eternal love.
3, if it is unclear the authenticity of the product, you can take it to the counter cleaning, so you can also understand the authenticity of the product from the side. If it is genuine, Cartier counter is responsible for free maintenance, if it is false, the staff will inform.
Cartier bracelet true and false identification for those who are ready to buy the brand is essential. As a luxury Cartier bracelet, expensive, so it is not genuine, directly related to the vital interests of consumers. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, or to the counter to buy some better, although more expensive than the outside, but more than the market bracelet to be reliable.
Cartier ring has a unique number, commonly known as identity cards, and then is to see the color, and Cartier rings are platinum, gold, rose gold, platinum, this depends on consumers usually understand these jewelry, the weight should Will be very heavy, false are made of alloy, the components are very light, and the color is too bright.
Want to know the specific authenticity of the Cartier ring, it is necessary to purchase Cartier, asked the boutique to the product certificate. No certificate, it must not be genuine, or improper way to come. Certificate must have, because holding a certificate can be anywhere in the world Cartier boutiques require free cleaning and maintenance.

Cartier love bracelet price

Cartier love bracelet price
Refers to the kind of bracelet that can be opened with a screwdriver.
CARTIER Cartier LOVE 18k bracelet, the domestic price, gold, rose gold is not about 30000 yuan diamond, platinum is not about 35,000 yuan diamond-studded ~ ~ gold, rose gold diamond about 11 million yuan, about 120,000 yuan platinum diamond ~ ~ Prices may vary with size, time and sales area ~ ~ hope you have to help wow ~!
Cartier jewelry will fade it?
Replica Cartier jewelry production process will not fade, said there will be only “dim” – that is wearing a long time, the surface of the high-polished layer is worn away, looks a little black, generally 2-3 years to do a polishing On the same as the new!
Cartier mechanical watch is winding in which direction?
Is the clockwise or counterclockwise? (The instructions written on the clockwise, painted on the map is counterclockwise, see quite confused) because it is not often worn, how long to turn once? Turn a few laps?
Clockwise. Your table is a mechanical automatic or mechanical manual? If you do not often take these two movements must be manually before and after the chain up and down the chain.Machine fully automatic, you can more laps on this is not exact. Because everyone on a circle are not the same.But there is a manual device, even if full of will not damage the movement.Manually on the chain you should pay attention to the feel on the chain can feel the gear in turn , When the already obvious sense of resistance on the do not, because it is not fully automatic device, great strength will twist off the winding, but too little power is not accurate.