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In fact, the Cartier business really booming up, swept the royal family and the nobility of Paris was from the Napoleon young cousin – Mathilde princess’s favor began. Later, the Prince of Wales, the Crown Prince of England, ordered 27 coronal headdresses from Cartier and wore the ceremony he was crowned for Edward VII. Two years later, Edward VII gave the Cartier royal appointment. Since then, Cartier has gradually been Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Egypt and other royal chamber of the appointment, as these royal Cartier love bracelet replica suppliers.


These stories with the royal family, celebrities, not only to Cartier brought business development, but also to Cartier’s brand value greatly improved, premium capacity continues to increase.

Of course, in addition to the story behind these brands, the Cartier each product also has its own story behind.

Cartier’s classic, such as “Tank watch series”, is to commemorate the war tanks in the design of the soldiers, the first sale in 1919, its simple shape is still sought after by the fashion industry. 2012 Cartier launched the new Tank Anglaise series to write Tank legend. In 1924, Cartier for the famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and profound charm of the Cartier three ring ring … …

But Cartier will not specifically for a country or region of the consumer group design products. Because they think that customers know that Cartier is an international brand, if simply for a region of consumer design products, will affect the brand image. But this idea does not prevent Cartier in the design of products from the local culture to get inspiration.

In 2003, Cartier launched the “Dragon Kiss” jewelry series, its creative inspiration all from the traditional Chinese culture and art, the daily life of some of the most simple things such as wishful knot, wind chimes, buckle lock and the classic “dragon” Modeling interpretation of a symbol of happiness and auspicious, successful and permanent jewelry treasures.

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For luxury goods, brand history, brand spirit is more important than the product itself. Therefore, the luxury marketing need to choose a good communication channels, with the right way to pass the spirit of the brand to the target group to go.

Customers in the enjoyment of Cartier to bring the quality of life and taste at the same time, how to let them understand the story behind the brand and cultural heritage, is very important. Thus, consumers can further experience such as Cartier has a history of 160 years of the brand for their artistic experience.

For small customers as the target customers of luxury goods, and can not be built through a wide range of channels to improve the rate of meeting with consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of communication brand. Even if it has entered China for 20 years of Cartier, so far there are 42 boutiques – although this figure in the luxury brand has been less, but relative to the distribution of consumer products occupied by consumers, it is Trivial. In fact, Cartier’s most important form of communication, or through the tour and for VIP customers held a variety of new releases and other activities to carry out.

In May 2004, Cartier held the “Cartier Art Exhibition” at the Shanghai Museum. The exhibition includes Cartier’s treasures designed by the Duchess of Windsor, including her favorite sapphire-style brooch in legendary historical figures in the 1930s and 1960s, and in 1928 the largest diamond in the history of global jewelry created by Indian patriarch Patiala Necklace, as well as the British King George V ordered the top of the crown and so on. In the same year, Cartier’s parent company Richemont held a “Watch Wonder” exhibition at Beijing Temple. In September 2009, Cartier held the ” Cartier love ring replica Art Exhibition” at the Palace Hall in Beijing Palace Museum, which came to China again following the 2004 exhibition in Shanghai.

Cartier in China’s many exhibitions, it is worth mentioning that the end of January 2007 the end of lasted more than three months of Cartier “Tank prominent family” watch tour exhibition, which is Cartier so far in China, the largest time Tour. The roving exhibition through the eighteen cities, including not only first-tier cities, but also includes Dalian, Wenzhou, Anshan such a second and third tier cities.