Is considered the European royal family aristocratic brand of Cartier jewelry whether the appreciation?

There is such a news. “Breguet Museum in May 14, 2017 Christie’s Geneva auction to 433.9 million and 254.7 million Swiss francs were sold in 1814 and 1827 were sold separately Pocket watch the price of the two tables is 5000 and 7500 francs, two hundred years in the past value-added 868 and 340 times, and in the May 13, also in Geneva, Antiquorum auction house, Jaeger-LeCoultre family of a 1947 annual output of red paint fine steel Reverso flip watch to shoot 50,000 Swiss francs, higher than the valuation 8000-12000 four times as much.

Chasing astronomical is the nature of the media. But most of the reports did not tell the reader, the brand will not tell consumers, such a high price in the watch auction system only a very small part.


China Jiade watches general manager Cartier love bracelet replica and Hong Kong Sotheby’s watches and clocks, deputy director and senior expert Chen Kaijia told the Economic Observer reporter, “in a watch special auction, the number of modern watch accounted for the majority of Su Fu Than the figure is Bacheng, Guardian’s number is more than 50%. Price is often appear in the antique table or special classic limited edition, and the conventional modern watch has nothing to do. “Chen Kaijia said,” Overall, only have a certain culture And the history of the table only appreciation of the potential and space. “Of course, only the potential and space only, does not mean inevitable.

“We are starting from the four percent of the price,” he said. “The price is mostly between 30% and 50% of the store price, and only the most popular models will reach 65%.” The specific valuation according to different brands, different pieces of the division, the simpler function, the lower the valuation, such as Cartier simple chronograph function models, even if there are diamonds, we will lower some. Take Hong Kong Sotheby’s May 28 has just held an auction, we have a Cartier ladies watch, diamond, style is very new, the product is very good, our valuation is the store price of 30%. Why? Watch the auction is different from the works of art, It is very transparent market, the transaction price and the valuation is not too much difference. Only a few limited edition and antique table will rush to high prices. “In many auction industry view, watch valuation, transaction price transparent, because buyers can Many open channels to obtain standard information, such as brand stores, second-hand table line and pawn line. As long as careful collection, the various sections in the various sales channels of inventory, price, product phase (factory year, whether the original box box certificate, etc.) are basically clear, so the valuation of the store into three into four percent, is the auction house Quotes. If beyond this price, will lose competitiveness. In fact, even if the auction price is only the store price of 1/3, the phenomenon of flow also occupied the majority. Flow and the public do not understand the auction market, that the auction on behalf of the constant placards, price increases, but also a relationship.

In the Guardian auction official website, clearly record the auction of each table. Including Cartier Love Collection series, Divan series and other stores priced at about 20 million dollars in the auction line of the valuation are only about 50,000 yuan, but also most of the show “not a deal” state. There is a Cartier Panthere series, 18k gold, diamond-studded bezel, crown a diamond decoration, the price of 34,500 yuan, and this table in the Cartier store price of 207,000 yuan.

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Reality and the words of the experts so that Liu Xin and wish the rain coincidentally that they have been Cartier advertising and brand image misleading. I wish to celebrate my luck than Cartier love ring replica, Li Yaqi and others lucky, did not buy a table in the Cartier store. The nature of the calm rain even waiting for the opportunity to cut prices of the auction house, “since so many almost new Cartier watches are auctioned in the auction, it will continue to cut prices?

Huang Minghui frankly, do not know where the outside is from the impression that the table is to buy the investment and appreciation. In his view, this is a bit ridiculous. “Watches and cars, the vast majority of a devaluation from a buy. Just write your name, even if the day did not wear, one kilometer did not open, so you want to sell, it becomes secondhand.” Huang Minghui said, only Those who have been discontinued antique table, only with the appreciation of the conditions. Senior watch collector Chen Yang also said that ordinary and normal watch how could the appreciation? The market so much inventory, things rare is the most basic business rules. Chen Yang possession of about 150 watches, mostly antique table or limited edition. “One or two hundred thousand watches are too common, far from the appreciation of the collection level.” By

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