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How much is Cartier watches, model: cc9008?

No Cartier cc9008 model ~! This probably how many money ah ~! Authentic Cartier watches models are W + number. There is no cc9008 this type size. Authentic Cartier watches the lowest price in more than 30000.
Ask a questions about the Cartier watch models
Are you sure this is the Cartier watch? Now on the market have no this style! The design of the long time ago?
What is the material of Cartier ring?
Tens of thousands of expensive is 18 k, cheap 1:1 is silver plated, I bought a love screw ring before a few hundred dollars. The shop of jing died and I buy. A queen what luxury shops taobao is specializing kadeya bulgari. Good shop is worth to recommend.
All I know is “LOVE” series of Cartier classic bracelet, the price of gold Cartier “LOVE” of men and women bracelet reference value: RMB 60800 Cartier is known as the “imperial jeweller, the emperor jeweller”, especially for charity BAZAAR star night on the famous series of “LOVE” is the result of Cartier’s most men and women on the bracelet. Architect Aldo Cipullo people in order to make the commitment to LOVE and faith, in the past forty years later, the “LOVE” series brings out the new appearance, LOVE need constant effort, LOVE is the home of the soul.
Cartier and tiffany platinum buddhist monastic discipline, don’t drill, Hong Kong how many money? How much cheaper than the mainland? Hong Kong to where can buy the real thing?
Cartier Love series of buddhist monastic discipline, but a preference for Tiffany, Lucida series is a classic at home, T to nine thousand to 10023 element circle of female, male money of twenty thousand or so, not sure card home, mainland also seemed almost like extra 50% tax, charge 15% tax in Hong Kong, so Hong Kong is almost 30% cheaper Cartier Tiffany has 10: don’t know Hong Kong causeway bay: sogo department store 555 hennessy road, merchants Admiralty: Pacific place Central, 3 / f, 88 queensway, merchants, the ifc mall financial street on the 8th floor 2 merchants mall German cars on underground merchants in Tsim Sha Tsui: Canton road 2 a, 1881 merchants East wing underground peninsula hotel comb and Barry road business circle square, west 1 Austin road, Tiffany & Co. – DFS duty-free shops around the globe Chinachem square shop yao tunnel 77 # Tiffany & Co. – DFS duty-free global sun plaza Canton road 28 Lantau island, Hong Kong international airport The passenger terminal building no. 1 east lobby floor 6 from the port of merchants

Cartier watches price

Cartier watches numbered 511228QX, technical number is 3389 !! Will this watch is probably how much the price?
Hello, foreign prices amounting to probably around 3W. Domestic counter price is probably 5W5 thousand dollars.
Bulgari and Cartier is better than what
Strengths, it is different. Personally, I was a little more like Cartier, Cartier jeweler known as the emperor, but the emperor’s jewelers ah, but well-deserved reputation, sections are the classic, not out of date. Bao Gregory I personally think it is very eye-catching colors, is pressing youth, Cartier little introverted, look at your personal preference
Cartier brand culture
This is very “advanced” problem,
Cartier love bracelet replica, this was King Edward VII as the “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings” famous brands in more than 150 years, created many works of dazzling beauty. These works are not only creative boutique jewelry watch, but also have high artistic value, it is worth pondering appreciation, often also celebrities who had vested, which were covered with a layer of legend. Prince ordered from India’s huge necklace, with the Duchess of Windsor had to go hand in hand tiger-shaped glasses, and full of great writers Cocteau sword symbol of the French Academy, Cartier another legend tells a story.

How to distinguish Cartier blue balloon watch true and false?

Although the photos are not very clear, but still be able to see that this is a high imitation Cartier watch. Judgment based on: 1 genuine licensed marketed blue balloon watch Cartier (Cartier SA) is without a moon phase function, all other series of men and women watches have not been found with the moon phase function; 2 table. the crown crown ring gap is too big, too small clasp, from this point of view I do not see the crown inlaid sapphire or ruby; 3 sales genuine licensed domestic market blue balloon watch priced at 40,000 yuan — 1.35 million yuan. According to price comparison with similar watch you watch, you watch if this is the real thing, then worth about 350,000 yuan — 40 million, your friends will really give you such a precious gift? If your friend really have the strength to give you such a precious gift, and you will not have to tangle authenticity and value of the watch, because you value in his eyes is far higher than the watch.
Cartier love ring price
I want the weekend to go to Hong Kong to buy the ring Cartier. Married with. Recommended models have not? Attach best price. Also, do not discount Cartier?
Cartier LOVE ring replica platinum without drilling section, Hangzhou Tower is 19,800 yuan / gold yuan, the same paragraph Hong Kong is 19,800 Hong Kong dollars / gold, according to the current exchange rate to calculate it, buy in Hong Kong, a pair save 3500 yuan or so yuan Shanghai, Hang Lung rose and gold pattern with no drilling screws are 6100, 6750 platinum, 18K of the PT950 are expensive, and 10,006 more than 14,000 from a platinum pair of 18k gold 30,000 7,000 a pair of 10 003 plus drill if they will provide a different size, so the price is not necessarily, generally 20 minutes, probably to add 5000 to