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the formation of a unique visual Cartier love bracelet replica style

However, the luxury profit model is still sensitive and fragile, self-built channel costs are high. It is reported that Cartier is the only one in the retail and wholesale markets at the same time fighting the luxury brand. In the Chinese market, Cartier’s business, retail accounted for 65%, wholesale 35%.

promotional strategy

Unified vision, set the symbol

Unified vision, the purpose of establishing a symbol is to highlight the inherent concept of the brand, and the formation of a unique visual Cartier love bracelet replica style, the establishment of a distinctive image. Cartier mainly from two aspects, one color vision, the second is the brand symbol. A special color belonging to the brand, both to reflect the spirit of the brand connotation, but also to reflect the high-end image, such as Cartier’s wine red, Tiffany’s light blue. A long time, the brand set the color will become the brand’s memory vision. In addition, the symbols can help the brand to create a unique image, such as Cartier cheetah, LV combination, Burbrry’s box. Domestic jewelry brand in addition to the name and logo, almost no other elements are unified, the name and logo is also a lack of modern, international elements, the lack of brand grade can improve the visual, more lack of strong identification symbols.

  1. Sponsored luxury tour, high-end forum meeting

Do the tour, is the best way to showcase the strength of high-end products, but also an effective means of promotion. in

Tour, often able to complete large sales, you can also establish a brand image. Through the sponsor can easily find the target market segments, but also the most likely to spread the brand voice means. Cartier not only often sponsors high-end luxury goods exhibition, and every year in the world’s major cities in turn held the “Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition”, show Cartier collection of classic handed down works. Through this form, Cartier not only to show the world its brilliant legendary process, but also lead us to explore the deep art of Cartier behind the deep art world.

  1. leveraging the arts, interactive public relations, spread the brand

Buying the top jewelry brand is not because of the value of jewelry itself, but because the spirit of the brand to provide a sense of satisfaction, this satisfaction can not be quantified, and modern art to bring people’s feelings are consistent. Today, many brands are to sponsor art exhibition as one of the marketing tools, it is Cartier to create this precedent. In 1984, he founded the Cartier Foundation, which is dedicated to the creation of original modern art works on a global scale, to support the creation, exchange and display of modern artists, and to highlight Cartier’s innovative spirit and dedication to art. To the Replica Cartier jewelry extreme.

  1. Club marketing to enhance loyalty and preferences, increase duplication of purchase and word of mouth recommendations

Western countries stressed that “class class”, China also has “things together, people to group points” argument. There are also circles in the high-end group, which embodies the common forms of life, needs, and the way in which they tend to enhance the influence of this class and circle through the club.


The Cartier Club shows the image through the Cartier Art Magazine, while adding loyalty through the reputation of the club, Cartier welcomes the public to join the members, because everyone is the future of possible customers, interactive way to complete the one-on-one marketing. Cartier club marketing purpose is not only repeat the purchase, more to enhance in the class and circle within the word of mouth. Facts have proved that high-end brands have a fixed purchase of the crowd, they decided the brand evaluation system, is the opinion leader, but also public relations object.

  1. into the social welfare activities, reflect the sense of responsibility

China’s traditional concept of advocacy “rich and economic world”, luxury brands should assume the role of social citizens, and actively contribute to social welfare undertakings. From another perspective, high-end luxury Cartier love ring replica brands have been regarded as a waste, luxury and destruction of the environment was questioned by the public, to change this awareness, many luxury brands will be public welfare activities and participation in public welfare as an important brand strategy , Both to change the views of everyone, but also the courage to assume the image of social responsibility, more conducive to win the public’s favor. By

as these royal Cartier love bracelet replica suppliers

In fact, the Cartier business really booming up, swept the royal family and the nobility of Paris was from the Napoleon young cousin – Mathilde princess’s favor began. Later, the Prince of Wales, the Crown Prince of England, ordered 27 coronal headdresses from Cartier and wore the ceremony he was crowned for Edward VII. Two years later, Edward VII gave the Cartier royal appointment. Since then, Cartier has gradually been Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Egypt and other royal chamber of the appointment, as these royal Cartier love bracelet replica suppliers.


These stories with the royal family, celebrities, not only to Cartier brought business development, but also to Cartier’s brand value greatly improved, premium capacity continues to increase.

Of course, in addition to the story behind these brands, the Cartier each product also has its own story behind.

Cartier’s classic, such as “Tank watch series”, is to commemorate the war tanks in the design of the soldiers, the first sale in 1919, its simple shape is still sought after by the fashion industry. 2012 Cartier launched the new Tank Anglaise series to write Tank legend. In 1924, Cartier for the famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and profound charm of the Cartier three ring ring … …

But Cartier will not specifically for a country or region of the consumer group design products. Because they think that customers know that Cartier is an international brand, if simply for a region of consumer design products, will affect the brand image. But this idea does not prevent Cartier in the design of products from the local culture to get inspiration.

In 2003, Cartier launched the “Dragon Kiss” jewelry series, its creative inspiration all from the traditional Chinese culture and art, the daily life of some of the most simple things such as wishful knot, wind chimes, buckle lock and the classic “dragon” Modeling interpretation of a symbol of happiness and auspicious, successful and permanent jewelry treasures.

Spread the story

For luxury goods, brand history, brand spirit is more important than the product itself. Therefore, the luxury marketing need to choose a good communication channels, with the right way to pass the spirit of the brand to the target group to go.

Customers in the enjoyment of Cartier to bring the quality of life and taste at the same time, how to let them understand the story behind the brand and cultural heritage, is very important. Thus, consumers can further experience such as Cartier has a history of 160 years of the brand for their artistic experience.

For small customers as the target customers of luxury goods, and can not be built through a wide range of channels to improve the rate of meeting with consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of communication brand. Even if it has entered China for 20 years of Cartier, so far there are 42 boutiques – although this figure in the luxury brand has been less, but relative to the distribution of consumer products occupied by consumers, it is Trivial. In fact, Cartier’s most important form of communication, or through the tour and for VIP customers held a variety of new releases and other activities to carry out.

In May 2004, Cartier held the “Cartier Art Exhibition” at the Shanghai Museum. The exhibition includes Cartier’s treasures designed by the Duchess of Windsor, including her favorite sapphire-style brooch in legendary historical figures in the 1930s and 1960s, and in 1928 the largest diamond in the history of global jewelry created by Indian patriarch Patiala Necklace, as well as the British King George V ordered the top of the crown and so on. In the same year, Cartier’s parent company Richemont held a “Watch Wonder” exhibition at Beijing Temple. In September 2009, Cartier held the ” Cartier love ring replica Art Exhibition” at the Palace Hall in Beijing Palace Museum, which came to China again following the 2004 exhibition in Shanghai.

Cartier in China’s many exhibitions, it is worth mentioning that the end of January 2007 the end of lasted more than three months of Cartier “Tank prominent family” watch tour exhibition, which is Cartier so far in China, the largest time Tour. The roving exhibition through the eighteen cities, including not only first-tier cities, but also includes Dalian, Wenzhou, Anshan such a second and third tier cities.

What is the price of the genuine counter Cartier love ring?

I have a lot of friends and friends, I have always liked the Cartier ring, the dream to have a Cartier ring, today to Cartier’s official website looked at, like the following several, but the Cartier official website offer function failure, try all day Of the registration, has been unable to provide quotes services, so I would like to invite you to help implement the price, thank you friends. B4059500, Material: 950 gold medal ring, specifications: width 5 mm Item No.:B4071800, Material: 950 platinum wedding ring, inlaid with a diamond , Specifications: width 3.5 mm Yantai no Cartier counter, intends to go to Qingdao to see, do not know whether there is a discount Qingdao, it is said from the purchase of Hong Kong and foreign purchases are able to offer about 10%, if a friend from abroad to buy do not know Can not buy genuine, and now more counterfeit, the nearest area only Qingdao has its counter, so before going to Qingdao to implement its price. A few years ago saw the Cartier love ring replica, the official website has a price of more than 5W and found that the price of the same year raised in this year, would like to ask the Cartier ring 2W price can also preserve and increase the value of the wedding ring to buy a lifetime Collection of.
Clever Just go to Hong Kong to buy. My girlfriend of Qingdao. We are engraving in Qingdao. 30% cheaper. Since they have decided to buy cartier. Go to Hong Kong. Just cartier saved money are more than travel expenses. Do not have to fly directly. Go to Shenzhen clearance. It is best not to purchase. After all, is not very cheap. The most important thing is that you can try the size yourself. Rings, especially the brand ring does not exist to preserve the value of the argument. The price has gone far beyond its own value. Diamonds do not have to consider. Little drill does not make any sense. Drilled more than 10 million count the times. In addition. Hong Kong’s style is complete. Choose more. We buy the style of the Chinese mainland stores are not. Suggest to kill it. worth it.

How much is Cartier love ring series?

Diamond and non-diamond points, the following is not diamond K gold models: LOVE RING YG (No. 40083069) reference price of 9,850 yuan *. (K gold) LOVE RING, WG (No. B4084700) reference price of 10,500 yuan *. (K Platinum) These prices are the price of China, in RMB (including VAT). Moreover, a typical Cartier boutiques to buy the ring within three months after the purchase of their invoices in Cartier boutiques get a free engraving service, but because of style constraints, not all of the Cartier ring can be lettering, the words there are also different restrictions, details of inquiry to go to boutiques. If the diamond, it is estimated it at 20,000 francs.
Cartier watches how?
1853 began making watches since 1888 on the launch of the watch, the famous models, including the 1911 Santos watches, 1909 patented cover fold-over clasp, 1919 Tank watches. Under the management of Louis Cartier continued to expand, continuing exudes charm. SANTOS watch series watch Cartier Santos de Cartier watch from this most early flight for flying in the sky between the desire for freedom. Luyi Ka Cartier (Louis Cartier) Brazilian Santos wealthy friends. Dumont (Santos Dumont) is also well-known pilots. In a meeting in Paris, Dumont Cartier Yati to friends and can not be easily read on the occasion of the flight time of the problem and find solutions. Luyi Ka Cartier repeatedly thinking and inquiry only after the success of the revolutionary Santos flight watch. As in 1904, this has been the name of a friend of Santos flight watch with an unprecedented concept and styling came as stunning Dumont flight success record in 1907, he broke the 220 meters in 22 seconds of flight the original record. Down his “14 bis” No airplane, everyone saw he was reading wrist watch. Since then, his admirers are all eager to have a watch on the occasion but also opens Cartier producing exquisite senior watch the road. Cartier Santos watch more than a century has witnessed the evolution of the good old times so far, very contemporary design geometric shape, curved square corner, harmonious lugs arc, is the first time in the Art Deco style of interpretation wrist table. Feature was rarely used leather strap watch industry. It is worth mentioning is its unique decorative screws, Cartier unique aesthetic design is no longer just fixed under the original but also become part of the recognition of the avant-garde design style. Such as Times-Herald, Cartier in the 1970s is ingenious fusion of the table border for the first time two kinds of gold and stainless steel material watch. Santos watch of 2004 to celebrate the birth centenary of launch of the Santos 100 series of watches to calm the heroic posture of the shock table circles. Wearing Stars: Kenneth; Liu

How much money 1 carat diamond ring Cartier?

Buy one carat diamond must pay attention to the preservation of diamond and appreciation, the diamond color must be at least more than H, clarity is SI, cut must be 3 ex, like this only then has the collection value. Is brand Cartier sell, buy it for preservation and appreciation is clearly not a rational choice. If send one, suggest to customize a, custom size will certainly than teach in hand. Shenzhen bao jia and jewelry co., LTD. Is specialized in cagliari diamond ring custom-made company, you can go to ask them. All in all, I think to rational consumption. 1 carat weight, 30 points and weight, 1 carat = 100 = 0.2 g for such a big diamond usually at around 40000, 30 points in the vicinity of 9000 that brand is not less than 100000
Cartier love ring replica ?
Cartier, personally think pretty high demands on his fingers. Because the Cartier is designed to sell, in other words, simple, streamlined. So, I think that is not suitable for short fingers, the design feels opponent asked too much, wear pretty weird.
What is the CARTIER watch brand. What is the price, thank you
Cartier is the Cartier brand, called on the Chinese side Cartier. Was founded in France. They watch fashion watches of the top 10. Basic price in the range 2 – more than 20.
How to identify Cartier the authenticity of a blue balloon watches, others gave me, I just want to know is true or not? How much money will cost?
Although the photo is not very clear, but still can see this is a high imitation Cartier watches. Judgment is: 1. The quality goods available in the market sales of Cartier (Cartier SA) blue balloon series watch money is not to bring the function of the moon, all the other series of men’s and women’s watches can also not found with the function of the moon; 2. The table within the crown ring the gap is too big, clasp is too small, can’t see from this Angle or ruby sapphire inlaid on the table; 3. Quality goods available in domestic market sales of blue balloon series table for $40000 – $1.35 million. As compared with the prices of similar watch your watch, this watch if you are genuine, worth $350000 – $400000, your friend will really give you such a precious gift? If your friend really have the strength to send you such a precious gift, you don’t have to struggle and value of true and false of the watch, because you are in his eyes is far higher than the value of this watch.

About Cartier love ring weight

It weighs about 8 grams and above.
Wide Cartier ring width standard is 6mm, to love series Wide Cartier ring as an example, love series Wide Cartier ring width 6mm, thickness of 1.5mm, weighing about 8 grams and above. Wide Cartier rings Cartier rings is one of the most distinctive ring style, wide version of the Cartier ring width 6mm, narrow version of the Cartier ring width varies, mostly no more than 6mm.
Cartier watches to see how the model and series
This table is the last year of Cartier’s new British tanks series. Num you are W5310024. You style imitation of the table. First, there are the words of the second hand on the automatic or manual chain movement style. AUTOMATIC English words have an inner dial. Second, the table does not match the front cover and the color of the table, in addition to several TANKSOLO Cartier style there, other models are consistent. Third, Num, W5310024 is No. K white gold style, this is not your item number. Fourth, the crown is blocked you can not see, but it does not seem a moment to highlight the diamonds.
Cartier love bracelet replica price
Wood B6029916 love Platinum openings are full of diamond heart Trinity tri-color gold bracelet Two for Trinity tri-color gold in general is how much money? Caitier Xi’an counter it? The cheapest bracelet is how much money? I would like to ask a weak weak. What is the difference between what the rose and gold and yellow 00 k gold Yes. . ? Hello, saying the difference between gold and rose gold. Rose gold color gold is commonly known, is in gold Riga copper, it is red K yellow gold is actually gold matter, Cartier and other luxury jewelry for it, they do not care about the purity of the metal they are more concerned about is style and polishing. It simply is not in the traditional sense of the gold shipment. Only an exquisitely beautiful, but also to reflect the identity of the owner of the jewelry only. Can not say the price pull, though not sold by the gram, but also sub-size numbers with different prices, no drilling is generally between 2 and -4 million hope my answers to help you.