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Is considered the European royal family aristocratic brand of Cartier jewelry whether the appreciation?

There is such a news. “Breguet Museum in May 14, 2017 Christie’s Geneva auction to 433.9 million and 254.7 million Swiss francs were sold in 1814 and 1827 were sold separately Pocket watch the price of the two tables is 5000 and 7500 francs, two hundred years in the past value-added 868 and 340 times, and in the May 13, also in Geneva, Antiquorum auction house, Jaeger-LeCoultre family of a 1947 annual output of red paint fine steel Reverso flip watch to shoot 50,000 Swiss francs, higher than the valuation 8000-12000 four times as much.

Chasing astronomical is the nature of the media. But most of the reports did not tell the reader, the brand will not tell consumers, such a high price in the watch auction system only a very small part.


China Jiade watches general manager Cartier love bracelet replica and Hong Kong Sotheby’s watches and clocks, deputy director and senior expert Chen Kaijia told the Economic Observer reporter, “in a watch special auction, the number of modern watch accounted for the majority of Su Fu Than the figure is Bacheng, Guardian’s number is more than 50%. Price is often appear in the antique table or special classic limited edition, and the conventional modern watch has nothing to do. “Chen Kaijia said,” Overall, only have a certain culture And the history of the table only appreciation of the potential and space. “Of course, only the potential and space only, does not mean inevitable.

“We are starting from the four percent of the price,” he said. “The price is mostly between 30% and 50% of the store price, and only the most popular models will reach 65%.” The specific valuation according to different brands, different pieces of the division, the simpler function, the lower the valuation, such as Cartier simple chronograph function models, even if there are diamonds, we will lower some. Take Hong Kong Sotheby’s May 28 has just held an auction, we have a Cartier ladies watch, diamond, style is very new, the product is very good, our valuation is the store price of 30%. Why? Watch the auction is different from the works of art, It is very transparent market, the transaction price and the valuation is not too much difference. Only a few limited edition and antique table will rush to high prices. “In many auction industry view, watch valuation, transaction price transparent, because buyers can Many open channels to obtain standard information, such as brand stores, second-hand table line and pawn line. As long as careful collection, the various sections in the various sales channels of inventory, price, product phase (factory year, whether the original box box certificate, etc.) are basically clear, so the valuation of the store into three into four percent, is the auction house Quotes. If beyond this price, will lose competitiveness. In fact, even if the auction price is only the store price of 1/3, the phenomenon of flow also occupied the majority. Flow and the public do not understand the auction market, that the auction on behalf of the constant placards, price increases, but also a relationship.

In the Guardian auction official website, clearly record the auction of each table. Including Cartier Love Collection series, Divan series and other stores priced at about 20 million dollars in the auction line of the valuation are only about 50,000 yuan, but also most of the show “not a deal” state. There is a Cartier Panthere series, 18k gold, diamond-studded bezel, crown a diamond decoration, the price of 34,500 yuan, and this table in the Cartier store price of 207,000 yuan.

Cartier love ring replica

Reality and the words of the experts so that Liu Xin and wish the rain coincidentally that they have been Cartier advertising and brand image misleading. I wish to celebrate my luck than Cartier love ring replica, Li Yaqi and others lucky, did not buy a table in the Cartier store. The nature of the calm rain even waiting for the opportunity to cut prices of the auction house, “since so many almost new Cartier watches are auctioned in the auction, it will continue to cut prices?

Huang Minghui frankly, do not know where the outside is from the impression that the table is to buy the investment and appreciation. In his view, this is a bit ridiculous. “Watches and cars, the vast majority of a devaluation from a buy. Just write your name, even if the day did not wear, one kilometer did not open, so you want to sell, it becomes secondhand.” Huang Minghui said, only Those who have been discontinued antique table, only with the appreciation of the conditions. Senior watch collector Chen Yang also said that ordinary and normal watch how could the appreciation? The market so much inventory, things rare is the most basic business rules. Chen Yang possession of about 150 watches, mostly antique table or limited edition. “One or two hundred thousand watches are too common, far from the appreciation of the collection level.” By

2017, Amulette de Cartier series of special selection of two new and precious materials

2017, Amulette de Cartier replica series of special selection of two new and precious materials, to create a more shining charm and unique qualities of the guardian of the token, and together with the supermodel He Pei common set foot on the dream trip, interpretation of the natural beauty from the inside out The The glory of the twist like gold, like a sunny glow-like blooming; noble and extraordinary serpentine wood, bring angel-like peace of mind guard, in the neck of the ear and ears of the sweet bloom, the distribution of elegant dazzling brilliance The High-profile classic materials such as malachite, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl and onyx, etc., this year turned into more style, with a strong color blooming bright posture, continue to give every dream of young women precious guard.
Twist the golden pattern of gold as if the sun rose as bright as bright, subtle light and shadow between the mattress reflects the elegant, pregnant with the power, for the line before the road to give joy and surprise.
Gold or rose gold twisted Glyph, around the crystal clear diamond blooming, as if the sun light, a road blooming round out. Ambilight, warm and pleasant; bright dazzling, full of elegance and elegance. Colorful dreams and sincere self, but also with the release of golden corrugated fly.
Supermodel He Sui interpretation Amulette de Cartier twisted ribs gold necklace and earrings, emitting a sweet, elegant dazzling brilliance, perfect show really blooming me.
Serpentine bring good luck, disperse doom, give warm, safe asylum. In the call between the guardian of the arrival of the guardian of the guard, so lucky, accompanied by unknown life in the journey of time.
Spring back to the earth, wood all things. The new Amulette de Cartier series of the first breakthrough in the selection of rare wood to show the natural forces. Noble and extraordinary serpentine wood, unique texture and perennial tough as new, “wood in the diamond” reputation, has always been a symbol of taste. Serpentine color elegant, warm texture, in the diamond and rose gold under the background as if the guardian of the mysterious and lucky angel, will be fresh and natural posture highlights.
Amulette de Cartier series serpentine wood necklace, worn in the neck of He Sui, times elegant, like the guardian of the eternal angel, but also against the background of the pure beauty of spike.
As the most favored by travel enthusiasts gem, malachite can always bring good luck and hope, indicating the direction of the road, indicating the upcoming surprises and achievements … …
The dream will leave, because this is a smart and mysterious gems, dream of the journey from no longer confused, because the lucky stone of the eternal companions, so that every dream of young women dream of future life even more confidence. Like the mysterious and fantastic moments that reflect the light, Amulette de Cartier’s malachite series opens a new journey every day.
Amulette de Cartier series of malachite necklace ultra-trumpet models and trumpet models with a unique creative, like double lucky quietly come, in the interpretation of Ho, the addition of a noble and charming.
Cartier Amulette de Cartier series, in the bright spring, with a strong color brush off the winter dull, magnificent design and full of beautiful vision of the guardian of magic, as every dream of young women love the most beloved body Keeps the treasure, cherish the heart of the sincere dream, guardian and accompany the journey of life every dream time.
Amulette de Cartier series, long necklace, ultra-small section and trumpet models, 18K white gold, lapis lazuli, white and gray mother of pearl, inlaid 10 round brilliant cut diamonds, total weight 0.54 karats.

Amulette de Cartier: Blessing with gems

Amulette de Cartier: Blessing with gems
Last year, Cartier to create a unique magic, to achieve the desire to treasure the dream of fascinating jewelry – Amulette de Cartier jewelry series. Glamorous, teach people to crush in the dream, a piece of precious jewelry like a guardian of God leaning on your skin. Material mix and match the ingenuity, simple and elegant curves polished smooth and mellow. The glossy natural gemstones reflect the light of diamonds. Every piece of jewelry is like a lucky lock, for you to lock the happiness, but also open your mind to the lock of desire.
In 2016, Cartier for the Amulette de Cartier series of new presents two precious materials – Ambilight twisted carved gold, such as the sun glow-like gorgeous bloom; from the cherished wood of the snake grain, noble extraordinary, Bring the angelic lucky guardian.

How can you make an eternal promise? Then send her a amulete de cartier!

How can you make an eternal promise? Then send her a amulete de cartier! Let amulete de cartier accompany her around, make your love forever! Will be lucky between the neck, will be happy to wear her unnamed fingers on the enjoyment of the heart of the release of a permanent dream!
“Amulette” in French means “amulet”, is a permanent care of her heart! Hope forever, but also hope that she will always be lucky, happy! This production, destined to become explosive, the world countless women look forward to, and look forward to the hearts of forever! Only because of his forever, this life is enough.
Amulette de Cartier, a fascinating series of jewelry, with a rare gem carved open lucky amulet. Precious and exquisite amulets stroking the skin, dreamlike, light and clear. Contrasting material and rounded smooth curves side by side, simple yet elegant. Natural colored gems shine, so that the central diamond more dazzling. Can be closed to open the padlock design, treasure the desire to release the dream.
CARTIER: desire guardian
Cartier in 2017 the new listing of the Amulette de Cartier series, is a unique mantra, unlock the magic of the guardian, which cherish the heart of the desire. This is a fascinating jewel, made of mother of pearl, onyx or diamonds. Compact buckle, magnificent hollow and hidden collection function, so charming.
Onyx, white mother of pearl or paved with diamonds rounded, with a gem in the center
Pendant with fascinating balls like rounded pebbles, inlaid with mother of pearl, onyx or diamonds, left in the middle of diamonds or onyx. A precious jewel for yourself or someone else, a chic badge on the chest. Open the way the necklace is also unique, like a lock-like design, inspired by the 50’s large-scale decorative decorative bracelet. Like the guard of the desire to protect the wearer’s secret, but also for the owner to bring good luck.
Amulette de Cartier series of works include: mini bracelet can be used with other jewelry, but also as a collection. By the onyx, mother of pearl or diamonds to create a lovely amulet, will hide in the heart of the dream locked in the wrist.

Cartier 2017 spring and summer AMULETTE DE CARTIER replica series

Cartier 2017 spring and summer AMULETTE DE CARTIER series
Cartier last year launched Amulette de Cartier series, mainly by the mother of pearl, gold and diamonds, this year to add new members. The new members include pendants, rings and earrings made of seven new gems of different colors.
Amulette de Cartier, a fascinating series of jewelry, with a rare gem carved open lucky amulet. Precious and exquisite amulets stroking the skin, dreamlike, light and clear. Contrasting material and rounded smooth curves side by side, simple yet elegant. Natural colored gems shine, so that the central diamond more dazzling. Can be closed to open the padlock design, treasure the desire to release the dream.
Exactly, each jewelry represents a special meaning, because these gems have their own specific symbolic meaning. Green chalcedony on behalf of the achievements, chalcedony on behalf of the vitality of the cat’s eye on behalf of happiness, agate stone on behalf of courage, mother of pearl is pure. Pendants are divided into three sizes, plus trumpet, trumpet and medium, so even small and exquisite Asian women do not have to worry about the size of the problem.
In addition, the ring ring in the Amulette de Cartier bracelet replica series is made of gold or rose gold. The decorative part is made up of precious stones and single diamonds. And according to the size of the ring surface decoration part of the size of the ring is also divided into trumpet and small, to meet people’s needs.

AMULETTE DE CARTIER series of new works

AMULETTE DE CARTIER series of new works
Since ancient times, precious stones always carry the precious value of human beings … …
Amulette de Cartier jewelry series firmly convey strong emotions. It is like a amulet, or a promise of the lock, revealing the heart of desire, tell the secret words … …
Amulette de Cartier series selection of unique natural gems, sustenance of good wishes. Opal, lapis lazuli and malachite, as well as red chalcedony, green chalcedony, mother of pearl or onyx, colorful rich gemstones in the jewelry products to display moving magic. In the bright gold covered, they are perfectly pinned by the wearer’s hot feelings.
Opal brings happiness
Opal very precious, it is faithful to witness the joy of life and happy: romantic encounter, eyebrows, as well as those soft and charming smile. This is a long time …
Greenstone brings calm
Green stone, hue like days, like a bright night sky corner, blue and distant, it contains the world treasures and endless wealth, a symbol of noble, wisdom and self-confidence … …
Malachite brings good luck
As the most favored by travel enthusiasts gem, malachite can always bring good luck and hope, indicating the direction of the road, indicating the upcoming surprises and achievements … …
Red chalcedony bring vitality, green chalcedony bring achievements
Red chalcedony is the fire of the condensation, it is abundant energy, passionate, happy praise life, enjoy the taste of the moment, carefully feel the desire … …
Green chalcedony shines on the light of lush plants, enhance energy, witness the achievements, the distribution of fusion gas field, and stimulate endless creativity … …
Mother of pearl bring guard AMULETTE DE CARTIER bracelet replica
Mother of pearl mothers refraction childhood Yiguang film feathers, gentle caress, warm eyes, soft words warm soothe the mind, palms match the transfer of interest … …
The onyx brings courage
Onyx symbolizes strength and origin, gives the face of the challenges of faith and courage, perseverance, the pursuit of excellence, everything is in the chest, never before